En Gård i Björkesbo på slutet av 1800-talet se även i menyn Pinnaremåla samt se även länken Gunnels bedandbreakfast

Living farm or place called: Björkesbo 14? This house belongs 2008 to the author of this homepage but the people down isn't found. Did they come to North America or USA? Later I am the author of this side and don't believe the house on the photo is not the same house which now exists because it was rebuilt up about 1899 by wood from house from Vesterlund. See down
Name born, date/month/year born, place moved to NA/date Removal nr/from parish
Per Johan Person 5/11 1820 Frödinge 18/8 1869 61/Vena
son Carl Otto  8/5   1849  Vena  3/4 1868 13/Vena
? Ida Sofia  21/12    1855 Vena 12/8 1871   45/Vena
? Sven Oscar  30/6     1858 Vena 12/8 1871   46/Vena
? Adolf Peter 16/4     1861 Vena 12/8 1871   46/Vena

My and my wife Gunnels house about a half mile from Vesterlund

My and my wifes house was built in the beginning of 1900 about a half mile from Vesterlund. A photo of Alma and Vilhem who built this house. Vilhelm was a brother to Gunnels grandfather.

The lake Hemsjön close to our house