In juli 2012 I have changed this side for other reason and called links3 now Memories of Ulf. I think Ulfs family Kathie and Ian and his parents, brother and sister will miss him as a good guy and I think many other friends thinks that too. We the parents doesn't understand why he did that stupid solution and we will never got an answer of that. Fn är det några minnesbilder av vår älskade son Ulf som tragiskt tog sitt liv i maj 2012. later links2 är nu gamla skolkort i menyn.(See links2 about old schoolpictures in the menu if the links still are there).

En bild på Gunnel och Åkes son Ulf Myrenäs 2 år i Enhörna som tråkigt lämnade oss i maj 2012
(who tragic left his life in may 2012 and some memory flowers from friends)

uffe 2år

Minneslunden Enhörna nov 2013

roses from neighbours

flowers from barbro and vivi

flowers from many others friends

flowers from olle och alva

flowers from more friends

roses from elisabeth

Uffe i Björksebo sept 2011

Uffe i minneslunden Enhörna juni 2013

Minneslunden Enhörna juni 2013